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About me

Marja Wagenaar is a leadership expert. As a coach and as a consultant she helps leaders and their organisations to advance their strength worldwide. With her company Leadershipint. she uses methods she has developed herself over the years Like the ‘Building from Scratch’-method, which helped companies successfully overcome the effects of recent crises.
For women in leadership positions she developed the ‘50/50-method’. This method is key to her ‘Leadership Book for Women.’ This book has been translated into the Chinese language. The English edition will be published in fall 2023.
Marja Wagenaar gained a wealth of experience in the corporate world and in politics She worked as a strategy vice-president at a utilities company and was a Member of Parliament in The Netherlands for several years. She appears regularly in the media as a leadership expert.
In her spare time she serves on several boards, often as a chair. Marja Wagenaar loves animals and the outdoors. She lives on the Dutch seaside.