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Professional Service Firms

Professional service firms face specific challenges. Leaders and leaders-to-be all deal with the same dilemma. They are too often swallowed up by everything that presents itself in a day’s work. Dealing with an urgent deadline from a client, discussing a contribution from an employee who has just started and in the meantime trying to bring in the next client. With insufficient time and energy to work towards the future. While urgent topics accumulate.
How do you keep playing a leading role in your market commercially? Which impact are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies going to have? How do you become a Thought Leader in your field and therefore more influential? When was the last time you brought an innovation, a new product or a new approach, to your clients? How do you recruit talented young employees and how do you make them stay? Creating space and developing future-proof solutions is key to my approach.
With extensive experience in this field I love to partner up with leaders and leaders-to-be who choose to move ahead regardless. As a leader, as a team or as a company.